Deep Flow TV was the highest rated local urban cable series in Baltimore since 2005. In 2016 when executive producer Amotion got into real estate she no longer had time to produce the show check out all 126 episodes on

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Deep Flow TV - Ep. 1 
'Welcome To Brooklyn, Baltimore (2005)
Major Artists featured: Juelz Santana, Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat, Juvenille

This is where it all began! Meet Freebandz Test (formerly Testme) as a youngin with fam U.A. Mobb (Fat Smoke Rickeyson, Kell$, Zon Stacks, Vameda) recording at Deep Flow Studios with Darkroom Productions & Unreal on Deep Flow Radio. Tee of Platinum Plus and Amotion head to Bilal's event at Paradox to talk to Juelz Santana with Skinny Suge (Stop Snitching). Juelz tell us about his love for Baltimore, skipping Jim Jones party to come out here after his tour bus broke down. Amotion takes you on a tour of downtown Baltimore, some good and bad areas and explains some history and current state of the Brooklyn borough including the newly launched hottest club in Baltimore - Club MATE on S. Hanover Street. At some point, all the lights in Brooklyn go off and we're lit by the ghetto birds and Rashad/Elmo/Fr3ak walks us through it. The Committee & Luciano (Chillin Hard Music) explain why junkies taking stones is wrong when they see one get beat down on the front security camera. Tyree Colion/Hustle Hard Blvd comes home and joins us in the studio to create a track for Darkroom Productions which ends up in HBO's The Wire. We meet up with him again with Mullyman and COMP at the club. In no time, Mullyman and Verb are battling at 5 Seasons so Mully joins us back at Deep Flow Raido to talk about his first album he just released: MullyMainia. He also discusses his beef with Bossman, so we venture over to Club MATE to speak with Bossman (Now Travis D) at his label signing party to So-So Def Records joined by Jermaine Dupri & Da Brat. Juvenielle also gives us a nice shoutout at XM Radio...
Music videos from Juelz Santana (NYC), N.O.M.A.D.(DC), Killogram (NYC)